Inspecting HTTP requests

If some day you wondered how to inspect a HTTP request to try out some webhook or even an SalesForce outbound message (๐Ÿ˜…), I have a tip for you: requestbin + ngrok.

The requestbin is an open source project with this purpose. It’s self hosted! You can run it locally using Docker or even deploy it to a free Heroku dyno. If you decide to go local, ngrok can help as well. With it you will be able to create private tunnels from your local environment, making it available to the world.

To put these cool projects together and debug some HTTP requests you may:

  1. Configure the requestbin locally using Docker (there are instructions on project’s README - super easy)
  2. Expose the local server using ngrok (passing the same port from requestbin, like ngrok http 8000)
  3. Create a new request on requestbin and replace the URL given by it in the application you’d like to debug (in my case, in the Salesforce outbound message URL)
  4. Do whatever you need in your app to trigger the feature connected to this URL
  5. PROFIT โœจ

Another recommended project to achieve the same is putsreq (not tested by myself yet). :)

Good debuging (and good luck)! ๐Ÿ›

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